Internet connection on Drive AGX


To flash image on Drive AGX, is internet connection needed on target?

Are there any tutorial available to set up proper internet connection? Do I have to use the ethernet port on Dual GbE dongle from HSD connection?

Thank you.

Hi harry_m,

Please check the SDK Manager User Guide for details on using NVIDIA SDK Manager to set up the development environment.


Hi Kayccc,

I am still having internet connection problem on AGX.

There are two 10GbE ports on back panel, and couple of HSD connector based GbE ports in front. And I have eth0, hv0, hv1 under ethernet list. No IP address being assigned when I connect either one. Just wondering, which one(s) is valid for building ethernet?

Thank you.

Dear harry_m,

Would you like to check and connect as shown in the attached picture?

To be precise, the cabling depicted in Steve’s photo applies to the B-side.
The other “1 and 2” HSD port is the A-side.


due to the HARDWARE QUICK START GUIDE the Dual GbE Dongle should be connected to the Black 1&2 1 Gbps 802.3bp Ethernet Port for internet access. But in Steve’s picture the Dual GbE Dongle is connected to the Green 2&1 802.1bw 100 Mbps BroadR-Reach port.

Which port is the correct one and which interface belongs to the port, eth0 or enp4s0?


Having the same question here…
What is the right way, the connector in the Quick start guide, or the picture above?


Dear all,

Sorry for the confusion. Follow the instructions in the Quick start guide.

Thanks for the quick answer, very much appreciated!