Interoperability of mellanox SR4E QSFP+ 40Gb module


we are using a storage equipped with ConnectX-3 40GbE networking. We’d like to to connect it to a dell switch located 150m away from the equipment. Do I understand correctly that we can use MC2210411-SR4E transceiver from Mellanox side and ESR transceiver in the switch? Will the link be ok?

Unfortunately I didn’t find any standard about SR4E, ESR(dell), CSR4(cisco) and their interoperability

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Hello George,

Based on the PB of the MC2210411-SR4E ( the range is up 300m.

If the Dell switch does not support SR4E but only SR4, the following module can be used → MMA1B00-B150D ( This transceiver can go up to 150m which you mentioned that is the distance.

Please reach out to Dell Support and validate if the switch type you have supports SR4E.

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~Mellanox Technical Support

Hello Martijn

The question is not whether Dell and other vendours have SR4E modules available. In fact all of them do.

Dell has ESR QSFP+ modules available (same parameters - up to 300m). But as I understand - ESR (or SR4E as Mellanox calls it) is not a standard, it’s proprietary according to wikipedia ( ). So the question is about interoperability between 40GBASE-eSR4 modules of different vendors