Interpreting NVCSI registers on MIPI error


Continuing the discussion from Error while setting up camera:

We are still in the process of bringing up our camera and experiencing some issues with the signal coming out from the FPGA.
The same rtcpu_nvcsi_intr lines appear in our AGX as in the post, which also refers to TRM for further investigation.
According to the document, is it correct to section NVCSI PHY Registers on page 1195 for interpreting the status value?
Such that 0x00000089 means:

  • intr_dphy_cil_clk_lane_ctrl_err_a
  • intr_cil_data_lane_ctrl_err0_a
  • intr_cil_data_lane_ctrl_err1_a

If so, what do phy, cil, st and vc variables stand for?
And what can be the meaning of the status changing from 0x89 to 0x88 between the lines for the same timestamp?


hello moti4,

this means the LP sequence error. normally, it should follow by LP11->LP01->LP00->LP11 sequence. it’s more like a hardware issue.

Thanks @JerryChang! we’ll investigate it next.

Kind regards,

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