Interrupted the install on the Jetson TX2, can it be restarted?


Long story short my Jetson TX2 module was connected to a switch and to the host PC but during the install of CUDA Toolkit it failed and it said to make sure to install a bunch of packages and then hit enter.

The problem was the switch was not connected to the internet. Can i re-flash and do a clean reinstall? Would you be able to point out where the location of the files already installed need to be deleted?

Thank you!

Hi LeMoth, yes you can re-flash and do a clean install with JetPack. You don’t have to worry about deleting any files because the Jetson’s onboard storage will be automatically wiped during the process.

Just to make it easier, if it got to the point it could fail installing packages, then flash already completed (flash is over micro-B USB, and then the unit reboots, and packages install over wired ethernet). You don’t have to flash twice, just uncheck that and don’t put it in recovery mode. You’ll need to manually tell JetPack what the IP address is.

Thank you everyone, i am going to try it and report any error if i encounter any.

Edit: it worked! All i had to do is re-flash everything. The one thing i would warn you is that if youre using this in a corporate environment with a firewall, your IT team might create a separate VLAN for you. Make sure it has access to the internet and when the jetpack flash process says that it is trying to find the IP, it might fail as DHCP wont work on the new VLAN, you might have to recreate a manual IP. Guest networks also wont work because you will have to then sign in, load the page, fill out the guest registration and then your host PC will find it. Hope this helps anyone out there