Introducing Pumex - a Vulkan renderer


I present you first public release of my Vulkan renderer :

Pumex has few properties that you may find interesting :

  • it enables multithreaded rendering on many surfaces and devices at once
  • it's higly configurable - you may add new windows, devices and surfaces using few lines of code
  • it's ready to render on VR gogles
  • it decouples rendering phase from update phase and enables update step with constant time rate independent from rendering time rate
  • comes with few examples showing :
    • how to render lots of different 3D assets in a single draw call using vkCmdDrawIndexedIndirect()
    • how to animate 3D assets
    • how to use texture arrays and arrays of textures
    • how to implement deferred rendering
  • uses modern C++ ( C++11 and C++14 )
  • works on Windows and Linux
  • comprehensive documentation explains most important concepts of the Pumex renderer
  • there are only few libraries that Pumex depends on. All of them are downloaded and built during first Pumex build ( that's for Windows version. Linux requires you to install three of them using package manager )

Feel free to check it out.

thank you for sharing this with Vulkan community!