Introducing QODA: The Platform for Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing

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NVIDIA introduces QODA, a new platform for hybrid quantum-classical computing, enabling easy programming of integrated CPU, GPU, and QPU systems.

Hi, any timeframe, when QODA will be available?

Am member of NVIDIA developer program, and when I click “apply for early interest” button on QODA for Hybrid Quantum-Classical Computing | NVIDIA Developer page, it says “membership required”. So, is there some kind of problem here, or you’re just not ready to accept applications for this program yet? I’d like to be able at least to browse docs and read some tutorials, if available, even if SDK is not yet released.


I’m experiencing the same thing too.

QODA will be available early next year

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The early access application page should now be working again with your developer login.