Invalid path CUDA 8.0 toolkit. /usr/local/cuda/lib64/ cannot be found


I have the TX2. I am running the installTensorFlowTX2 utilities from jetsonhacks

When running the script I get the above error.

  1. Is CUDA 8 installed on my board and if so, where is it?

  2. I downloaded nv-gie-repo-ubuntu1604-6-rc-cuda8.0_1.0.2-1_arm64.deb and installed it with the command
    sudo dpkg -i nv-gie-repo-ubuntu1604-6-rc-cuda8.0_1.0.2-1_arm64.deb and it was successful. Where should cuda be installed?


Please setup your device with JetPack:



I am attempting to download JetPack3.0 from and it only allows for When I run this, it says it is for the wrong architecture.

Do you have a JetPack for the ARM architecture?

Also, I connected the TX2 directly to the internet and downloaded the file to it and ran it.


JetPack always runs on an Ubuntu Linux x86_64 desktop PC. It is a front end to the flash software (and other features) which allow the PC to flash or modify the Jetson if the Jetson is connected to the host. In no case is flashing or JetPack run directly on the Jetson (embedded systems don’t have a BIOS, they can’t self-flash from a bootable disk).

Just as an interesting thing to think about, the flash process creates a file the size of the entire eMMC, and then copies it over to the Jetson. Creating such a file would fill up the Jetson before ever getting to any flash software (it’d require external storage…and this is basically what your PC is).

Hi Coriolis5974,

As linuxdev said, Jetpack only run on ubuntu x86_64 desktop.

Thanks for the info. Got a x64 Ubuntu system and am installing per your guidance above

Hi Linuxdev and AastaLLL,

Nvidia make Jetson Jetpack for TX2.

As linuxdev said, Jetpack only run on ubuntu x86_64 desktop. "

This statement meant Jetpack doesn’t work with Jetson TX2 because Jetson TX2 build on “aarch64” architecture.

Please clarify this statement is correct? Then why this error come up and bother selling Jetson TX1/TX2/TK1 when Jetson Jetpack is not compatible with the hardware.

Thank Please response

JetPack is an installation package that can be used to perform the installation of OS from Host PC to Jetson device. Hence you may run Jetpack at Host PC only.

Moreover you can flash Jetson from other distributions of Linux without Jetpack but via flash terminal command execution.
However, it is wrong to say that the Jetpack is non compatible with Jetson: Yes, it wont run on Jetson, but you can flash Jetson with Jetpack, presuming the latter is executed at Host PC.

Something to think about with embedded systems is that they do not have a BIOS like a desktop PC has. This means everything the BIOS might supply to make it possible to self-flash is missing. A host PC more or less takes the function of being a BIOS for the Jetson when doing some operations…flash being the most notable.

When a Jetson is in recovery mode it becomes a custom USB device understood by the USB driver…this is the “driver package” of L4T and it runs on a desktop x86_64 PC for that PC to understand what a recovery mode Jetson is. JetPack uses the host to talk to the Jetson via the driver package if flashing…and when not flashing and the Jetson not in recovery mode JetPack is capable of installing packages over ethernet. Not only are aarch64 packages available for the Jetson and copied over from the host, the host too can get some cross-compile tools which run on x86_64, but which produce aarch64 output…cross tools (if you install samples to the Jetson cross tools go onto the host to compile them before copy).