invalid subscript 'numOutputsForIncCounter'

I recently upgraded NVAPI to version R410 and started getting this error:

nvHLSLExtns.h(624,5-46): error X3018: invalid subscript ‘numOutputsForIncCounter’

Seems numOutputsForIncCounter is not defined in the NvShaderExtnStruct struct.

How can I get my code compiling again?

I am using shader model 5.0 and including “nvHLSLExtns.h” in my compute shader and with


I met the same issue too. Have you resolved it?

I haven’t investigated any further. Just noting that answers are far between in this forum :/

Just saw that a new version of NVAPI is available R430. Hopefully the problem is fixed there.

Downloaded the NVAPI R430 now and my project finally works on my new laptop! :)