Invalidate Reference Frame support on Encoder in Multimedia API


I’m using L4T Multimedia API to build realtime streaming app to stream video captured on server to a few clients using UDP network in low-latency.

There are some QoS feature in NVENC for transferring encoded frames on unreliable network, such as ‘Invalidate Reference Frame’, ‘Periodic Intra Refresh’ and so on.

I found L4T Multimedia API supports ‘Intra refresh’ feature (in function NvVideoEncoder::setSliceIntrarefresh), but I did not still find feature for ‘Invalidate Reference Frame’ which is really effective in lossy network.

  • Is the 'Invalidate Reference Frame' feature supported on L4T Multimedia API?
  • If not, is there any other effective QoS feature on L4T Multimedia API?
  • If not, is there any plan that the feature is implemented in the future?

Thank you very much!


I would go for SRT to secure your media transport over UDP ->

Using SRT as transport protocol you can configure delay and other robustness parameters based on your requirements.

We use EFP to frame the data (NAL units / ADTS frames) on top of SRT… We used MPEG-TS before but it was adding to much delay and overhead.
(there is a example of using EFP + SRT if you scroll down a bit)