Invert default Tegra A and B automatically starts as the power switched on.


Good day,

I noticed that as soon as I switched on the power, Tegra A and Tegra B will starts automatically. Is there any way we can invert this default so that we can starts Tegra A and B only after I send AURIX command “power [a|b|ab] on”.

Thank you.

Dear raziv6kr8,

I would like to suggest using the Aurix switch to power on the system.
BTW can I know why you’re trying to turn TegraA/B on in above way? Thanks.

Dear SteveNV,

Once we switched on our system, 12~14Vdc will be automatically supplied to the PX2. But we would like to start Tegra A manually by using Aurix console. We do this just for precautions. I can’t give Aurix command if the Aurix switch is set at PRG.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,