IO_PAGE_FAULT and then transmit queue timed out

we encouter IO_PAGE_FAULT and then transmit queue timed out,and we find this guid.
Mellanox Interconnect Community.
we also had updated the mlx5 driver and firmware to the latest version,and sure the SR-IOV is enabled on the BIOS and iommu=pt is set on the Linux grub menu,but we still has the problem.
my question is:
1.SR-IOV is enabled on the BIOS,when use EN not then OFED ,is it enable this feature?
2.any other advice to fix this “IO_PAGE_FAULT” problem?

I recall AMD platform has this kind of issue on old kernel. You can try use lasted kernel and try disable iommu.

Thanks a lot,we will take your advice. If there any bad effect when "“diable iommu”

should be not

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