ION 2 compute capabilities 1.2 or 1.1 ?

Hi all,

I’m going to change my laptop, I was doing some research on prices and features, and I found that the best relationship cost befits is for netbooks based on ION2; however, I didn’t find the compute capabilities specifications for this chipset in any nvidia’ s document. I would like to know if this chip has either compute capabilities 1.1 or 1.2 …

    regards ... Esteban.

Every doc and review I’ve read refers to the ION 2 as being equivalent to the G210 (1.2 + 16 cores + 2 multiprocessors) but with a PCIe x1 connection to the Atom. The PCIe x1 will give you only 250MB/sec (PCIe Gen1) of bandwidth between Atom and ION2.

But one thing to watch out for is that I’ve seen the phrase “up to 16 CUDA cores”. I sure hope it’s 16 whether it’s a nettop or netbook and not 8.

Maybe someone from NVIDIA can clarify.

These links might be helpful: Official 2nd generation Nvidia ION (aka ION2) thread and OFFICIAL ION 2 (Second-Generation ION) HTPC Nettop Thread.