IOSTAT error 209


I am getting an error when opening a text file. Iostat gets error code 209.
¿What does that code mean?

Thank you.

Hi bachour,

Fortran runtime error messages can be found Appendix A of the PGI Users Guide. Specifically, error 209 is: " ‘OLD’ specified for file which does not exist".

Hope this helps,

Thank’s for guiding me to find the meaning of this error.
I’m afraid I don’t understad why my source code doesn’t find a file that already exists, it’s in current working directory and the program opened another file before in that direcotry.

Hi bachour,

The only case in which this error should occur is when a system call to “access” (See ‘man access’) fails to detect the existance of the file. Can you please double check that you have the file name spelled correctly and that it contains no special characters? Otherwise, can you either post a small example or send the code to so we can reproduce the problem here?


The file name was read from a config file. The matter was that not only the file name was read but also a new line character. I didn’t notice it untill I used LEN_TRIM function on the variable were file name was kept.
Many thanks for your suggestion.