IP address of host ubuntu not found while flashing TX2

I’ve connected the jetson tx2 developer kit to a router and also the host Ubuntu machine is also connected to the same router. I started the jetpack installation using the jetpack installer, all the library downloads have completed, and host related libraries have finished installing, next the installer proceeds to flash tx2 developer kit, and flashing part continues without any errors, then after that, a prompt is displayed asking how the host device is connected to the target device, and I select the first option as I’m connected through router. and next a terminal opens prompting “Determining the ip address of the target”, it gets stuck there forever.

Does your router have automatic dhcp ip address feature enabled or you rather use static ip addresses lease?
Do you have at the router tables entries for both jetson device and the Host PC device?
It appears to me that your host is getting somehow an ip address from the router, and your jetson may not get the ip address in case the dhcp server at the router side is disabled.
I would suggest to check the router settings and run the post installation script again, after verifying that the target device is getting an ip from the router. You also may need to use cable connection of the jetson to the router rather than wifi connection as they could belong to different subnets.