IP BGP Community Support

Hello, I have a MSN2100-CB2F switch which is running Onyx 3.7.1134 version.

I’m trying to deploy a route-map with set community statement on one of the BGP peers.

Whenever i’m trying configure this, the machine won’t accept the input of xxxx:xxxx, the only option i have to set as a community is none.

is the correct way to implement a set of communities on a bgp prefix is to set a standard ip community-list and use the set community-list additive?

another question, any way to use the redistribute connected\static with a route-policy attached to it?

Dear David,

Thank you for contacting NVIDIA Mellanox Technologies Technical Support,

My name is Ori and I have respectfully received your request.

Could you please share the exact command you used on the Mellanox?

Just to make sure - The switch that you are trying to append the route map + community is the Mellanox?

What the end goal is?

Are you willing to add append specific community attribute to the NLRI announced by Mellanox to other peers or whether you want to enforce routing policy on the Mellanox while considering the community attribute populated by other peers?


Ori Acoca