IP Camera compatible with Jetson Nano?

Hello everyone! I want to ask that is there any IP camera that is compatible with Jetson Nano? And if there is any then how to configure that camera with nano to get camera feed?

Would it be helpful?

There are some IP cameras mentioned in the topic. FYR.

A general pipeline to launch IP camera is

gst-launch-1.0 uridecodebin uri=rtsp://_RTSP_IP_ADDRESS_ ! nvoverlaysink

Thanks @DaneLLL, @MtHiker for your help but I have to buy a good IP camera yet that is compatible with Jetson Nano. So any suggestion that which camera to buy and also I want to tell you that I want to send the video from Nano to a remote location that is 200 meters away. The video that I will be sending is actually running at 4.6 FPS on nano that is a real time YOLOv4 custom detection video.
Kindly help me as a important issue is pending!