IPP Raw example capture problem

Good day everyone!

We are running the ipp_raw example from the NVMedia with:
nvmipp_raw -cf ./ddpx-a.conf -c SF3324-CSI-A --disable-egl --aggregate 1 -v 2 --save-isp
It can successfully capture the example. However, when a moving object is presented to the camera some colour artifacts appear (see the picture attached). It looks like the chrominance components are delayed.

Image with the video artifacts:

Expected image capture:

We are using:
Drive AGX Developer Kit
NVIDIA Drive OS : Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.9.131-rt93-tegra aarch64)
Can anyone share more information in regards to this results?
Thank you!

Dear abraham.arias,

I can’t access the links you shared because of permission issue.
Could you please give me permission to access the links? Thanks.

Hi Steve, I am sorry. Here are the images:

Our results with video artifacts

The expected result


Dear abraham.arias,

We usually see this type of image (indoor ones) when there is a flicker light.
Because we are using the sensor with a fix exposure and it is a HDR sensor we have no prevention on flicker. Thanks.