¿How deploy a Tensorflow model Trained with DIGITS (network.py)?

Hi everyone,

is there any manual/tutorial that explain how deploy a Tensorflow model Trained with DIGITS (network.py) on a workstation?



Please see the 'Getting Started with TensorFlow™ in DIGITS" documentation.


The tensorflow checkpoint files are saved in your jobs directory. You can find information on tensorflow and tf serving websites on how to deploy tf models from checkpoint files. Usually, it requires converting checkpoint files to frozen graph.

Hi Tom

I was looking something like:


It help me a lot. I am classifying three classes, the accuracy of two of them are quit well (almost as in Digits) but for the lastone class the accuraccy is lower. I am using softmax as last layer and I wonder if Digit use a different strategy to decide the class?

Thank you for your help.

For classification task, DIGITS is using softmax at the last layer in Tensorflow.