IR LEDs cannot draw more than 100mA current from 5V rail of Xavier NX GPIO



I am trying to set up a simple circuit using the GPIO pins of the Xavier NX. I am using the 5V pin #2 to power a circuit with two IR LEDs connected in series. I’ve noticed that the LEDs are fairly dim and cannot draw more than about 100 mA. According to the documentation of the devkit, the 5V pin supports up to 1A load.

I am a newbie when it comes to circuits, and I’m struggling to understand how I could alter the circuit to let the LEDs draw more current.

On top of having the LEDs be powered by the Jetson, I’d also like to turn them on/off at will. To that end I’m trying to use a PNP darlington transistor where the base is connected to a GPIO pin. Since this pin is limited to 20uA, the idea is that the transformer will amplify the signal and let much more current flow. Yet again, the LEDs are quite dim.

I have attached the circuit diagram, and hope that someone can guide me in the right direction.


Hi, I think you can take below power led of nano design as reference. And also better to check the datasheet of PNP to make sure the using of it is correct.

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