IR Stereo Camera & Jeton TX1/TX2

Hi everyone,

I’m having an issue that need your help. My upcoming project tends to deal with Jetson TX1/TX2 and infrared (IR) stereo camera.

I know there are several available stereo cameras such as ZED. However, the capture environment is dark, so I need to use IR cameras with IR illumination.

I want to ask is there any IR stereo camera, which works well with Jetson TX1/TX2, available right now?

Thank you very much.


Ask these guys:

They make custom camera HW compatible with TX1 / TX2.

Thanks a lot !!!

Hi caocuong.0306,

Have you considered the stereo camera from e-con systems :

Appears that you are interested in a stereo IR camera for which we in e-con can customize & deliver. For more details, you can mail to :