Iray for Cinema 4D R18 and the MDL library (missing?)

I was watching the Iray presentation on the C4D R18 event, I see when the presenter talks about the library, and I notice he mentioned there are like 200 presents, The way the library is display in his computer does not match the way is displays on mine computer. Wondering what is wrong?

Also I want to now, as somebody from support told me that fully compatibility will be available at the end of September for Iray and Cinema 4D R18

My Iray displays this info:

when I go to my renderng settings I see this About Iray
Plugin version: 1.0.30
Iray version: 2015.3

So I am wondering if I’ve got the latest or not? and where (website) to check for the latest version.

Help is appreciated. Thx ;-)

The main hub for all Iray and MDL questions is the site of the NVIDIA Advanced Rendering Center:
The related DesignWorks site on which leads to the developer tools is this:
You’ll find dedicated forums for related software products here: