Iray Photoreal

Dear team, I have seen that Iray Photoreal is already available in create. I have been able to do a luncher from the extensions. These days I am going to do tests with different settings.
In Machinima, I don’t know how to activate it. Can you guide me?

Antoni,have you heard any rumors about this Iray coming machinima?
What have you been doing lately man? I kinda miss you in this forum…

I should find time to check that drama movie you made, I read about it in discord.

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Dear @pekka.varis thank you for your message. I feel flattered, I have been following all your posts, but I have had little time to comment because I am with a project working at full. From here a few weeks I will return to the machinima studio.

The “Create” extensions panel can now be enabled “iray” a new Create window will open with Iray activated. You can do quality tests. I suppose that later they will also activate it in machinima.

Here you can see my short film:

A hug

Hello there, thanks for the question on iRay usage, I’ll pass this on to the devs and get an answer for you. Thanks for using Machinima.

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Hey all!

With this version of Machinima, we disabled iray as it wasn’t quite ready to work correctly with the assets we supplied. Rest assured, the next big release (2021.2) will have iray enabled by default and the integration has been substantially improved.

I’m actually very excited to let you all get ahold of 2021.2, there have been many rendering improvements including texture streaming. It’s going to be a great release!


Dear @DaneTrain Wonderful! what a great illusion to work with the new version.

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