IRay renderer + normal map support

It seems that IRay renderer does not support normal mapping, I tried with both OmniSurface and OmniPBR types of material but normal map is gone once I switch from either Real Time or PT renderer.

Hello @karol.osinski! I’ve asked the dev team to come help you out. Someone should reply shortly!

Hello @karol.osinski. Our dev team did some testing and we are seeing the same issue that you are. We are working on getting this fixed asap!

Hello @karol.osinski
Which version of which app are you currently seeing this in?
Does it display “Loading material…” in the bottom right corner while the issue is visible, and does the problem resolve itself once “Loading material…” has finished?

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What type of file are you mapping as normal map?
Works fine as far as I can judge.

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I tried it, too, in Omniverse Create 2022.2.2, creating a cube and creating an OmniPBR material and then putting a normal map. I used r_normal_map.png from here. I get this:

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Hi PhilippeR,
I done remember seeing that message but I guess it was it. The problem has disappeared ;)

Thanks for your replies everyone!

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