IRIS motor control driver that works with v4l2

Hi all,

I’m developing a camera. The image sensor driver is supported by supplier, but I must develop IRIS control driver that libargus can connect and control.
After looking at some device trees that are available on nvidia kernel code, I found that the node with ‘pcl_id = “v4l2_lens”;’ will control the lens (IRIS, focus, …). But I can’t find the particular code using this node. So, I don’t know where to start recently. This is private stuff of 3rd party company that proved by NVIDIA, or I can do it myself?
If it is what I can do, can you please point me some starting point where I should look at? Thank you so much.

I believe you are talking about focus.
Sorry to tell current Jetson not support focus.

Hi, I meant the aperture control.

Beside exposure time and gain, is aperture a part of ISP tuning algorithm?

The exposure and gain is the CID in the sensor driver. Have a check this doc.