Irq/96-nvidia uses 100% CPU, X server freezes up


My system freezes up semi-regularly (about once in every several days). Graphics stop working completely, but I’m still able to log into the system via SSH. Looking at top output the problem seems to be in irq/96-nvidia running at 100% CPU usage.

I attempted to collect data via, but unfortunately it hangs and outputs almost no information (I’ll attach the log file).

In my observations the issue seems to happen most often when there is some long-running OpenGL application (for example I use ElectricSheep screensaver, and the hang happens there quite often). However I can’t be sure, maybe it’s just because the screensaver runs for longer periods of time and thus is more probable to be running when the hang happens.

I understand that it’s probably impossible to debug this issue with the information that I’m able to provide at the moment. What can I do to help debug this? Maybe I can collect some additional information when the system hangs next time?

Here are the log files:

Incomplete bug report log obtained after hang has happened: nvidia-bug-report_incomplete.log.gz (1.8 KB)

Full bug report log obtained from freshly restarted system:
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (231.1 KB)