Irritated with this SDK Manager - UI unusable on my rather normal PC with normal 1920x1080 graphics

My screen resolution is 1920x1080, which is a very typical laptop. I am using a screen with the same resolution.

Now I have my Jetson Xavier, which I want to set up. I start the SDK Manager and it complains that my screen resolution is not good enough. Yeah OK, that should not be a big deal, right?

  • the SDK manager cannot be resized or scaled
  • the SDK manager cannot be scrolled, like any normal program
  • and critical messages I need to read are below the edge of the program

When I log in, I go through the first couple of steps then part of the dialog only partially appears in the lower part of the screen, but I cannot read it and I cannot proceed. Part of a green button is there, but I cannot click it.

OK I have the CLI version I can use, I guess. I will try to figure that out. But this is irritating . This needs to be improved.

Got a 2560 x 1440 display. No problem. Good home office improvement. I needed to tick the terms in order to move forward. That was not visible with my 1920 x 1080 normal display.