IRS1125 Driver Integration to Jetson Nano Platform

Hi All,

I am working on the IRS1125 Camera Sensor Driver Integration to Jetson Nano platform.
Note: IRS1125 Driver Source code barrowed it from Raspberry PI Kernel Source.

I have gone through the site/document " Sensor Software Driver Programming Guide", and found this “Version 2.0: A new version that uses the new Jetson V4L2 Camera Framework”.

I have follwoing queries reagrdfing the same:
IRS1125 driver barrowed it from raspberry PI Kernel Source, is type of Sensor Driver version 1.0.

  1. New Jestson V4L2 framework, does it supports the Version 1.0 Sensor Driver ?

  2. If not, Do we need to port the exising Version 1.0 driver to Version 2.0, to make it compatiable with Jeston V4L2 framework ?

  3. Kindly, suggest your thoughts on Itegrating IRS1125 driver to Jetson Nano platfrom.

Thanks and Regards,
Ravikiran J J

The kernel driver from PI isn’t both version 1.0 nor version 2.0
You have implement it for Nano from the crash.