Is 32-bit compile possible with 19.3?

Recently upgraded from RJEL 6.5 with PGI 10.6 to RHEL 7.6 with PGI 19.3. I want to compile 32-bit. Is that possible?

Hi mcolozzi,

No, sorry. We discontinued 32-bit support some time ago.

Though, if you have a Professional license and therefor access to our archived release, you can download PGI 16.9 which, if I remember correctly, was our last release to include 32-bit support.


Is 16.9 compatible with RHEL 7.6?

The 16.9 release notes can be found at:

From Section 1.5.1:

Linux download packages are organized in PGI 2016 so that you can download a 64-bit Linux
compiler package for installation on 64-bit Linux machines, and/or you can download a 32-bit
package that installs on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux systems.
‣ CentOS 5+, including CentOS 7
‣ Fedora 6+, including Fedora 23
‣ RHEL 5+, including RHEL 7.2
‣ SLES 11+, including SLES 12 SP 1
‣ SuSE 11+, including openSuSE 13.2
‣ Ubuntu 12.04+, including Ubuntu 15.10

So RHEL 7.6, since it came out after PGI 16.9, is not supported. However supported simply means that these are the systems on which we tested. It does not mean that PGI 16.9 wont work on RHEL 7.6. Often older releases do indeed work on newer OS, though I don’t know specifically if RHEL 7.6 supports 32-bits or what issues you may encounter.