Is a kernel and rootfs update from Jetpack 3.X to 4.X possible without reflashing boot partitions


I was trying to find this information and believe I have inferred it indirectly but wanted to confirm. Is it definitively not possible to run the kernel from r32.7.3 (4.9.299) and Ubuntu 18.04 with the 32.7.3 BSP installed without re-flashing the boot partitions?

I am asking because we have the TX2 in fielded systems running 28.4, which is 3.X. Our update process reflashes the APP partition with a new boot image, kernel, rootfs, etc, but does not touch the NVIDIA-specific partitions.

We noticed when we run the update process on a TX2 that was already flashed with Jetpack 32.7.3, it works fine, but when we run the same update process on a TX2 that was flashed with Jetpack 28.4 (4.4.197 kernel), the newly flashed 32.7.3 APP partition image with 4.9.299 kernel fails to boot.

Can you please advise? Thanks

They are different kernal version and rootfs structures, thus can’t do the update directly.

Hi kayccc,

Thanks for your reply. I’m not sure I understand your response. My specific question is, is a JetPack 3.X to 4.X upgrade possible without re-flashing the device? i.e. can the newer 4.9 kernel run with the old 3.X cboot etc

R28.x was from a time before changing release was possible via the apt mechanism. Even in R32.x the first releases were not capable of this. I don’t remember which release started making this available, but there is zero chance to make this release upgrade without a flash. Once at R32.7.3 you’ll probably be in luck (however, there is still a risk of remote update whereby it might not work and you’d still need physical access).

Thank you so much linuxdev. That is what I suspected but was looking for a sanity check from someone else who had been through a similar experience

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