Is Argus::IRGBHistogram result affected by WhiteBalance setting?


In my previous question regarding IRGBHistogram() function here (Is Argus::IRGBHistogram taken after ISP or before ISP? - #3 by nvl1109), I thought that the histogram here is just based on RAW image we got from image sensor and not affected by ISP settings likes white balancing, denoise, …
But today, I play with white balance mode and I observed that the histogram is actually affected by white balance setting.

If I lock the auto white balance, the histogram is constant with a combination of setting (exposure time, gain, IRIS). But if I unlock the auto white balance, the histogram is much changing even if the same combination of setting was applied.

Can you confirm that the white balancing is one of “early stage of ISP” processing as mentioned in previous answer @JerryChang or other mods ? Is there anything else has been done in “early stage of ISP” also?
Thank you.

Could you check the AE is stop while lock the auto white balance?

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