Is burning a rom image required for connectx5 to pxe boot?

  • I do not see the connectx5 when in UEFI mode(only legacy)
  • In legacy mode I see it trying to pxe boot but fails. On older machine which I didn’t install which has the same connectx5 and I am able to pxe boot from it. I’m don’t know if someone had burned a rom image on it or not.

Hi Huy,

Please review the following documents in order to ensure the PXE boot has been configured per the instructions provided.

Kindly review the below User manual on prerequisites and burning the Expansion ROM image information:

To download the UEFI network driver, please see the link below:

Following documentation has the PreBoot Drivers User manual for your review:

UEFI Release Notes for supported FW for ConnectX-5:

Documentation link with information on FlexBoot (Legacy BIOS Mode) and UEFI (UEFI BIOS Mode) BIOS configuration:

The document below contains information on PXE boot and UEFI PXE Boot:

Important notes for PXE UEFI booting :

PXE/ UEFI ROM disabled by default. Flexboot is enabled by default , the desired PXE/UEFI value need to be set via mlxconfig:

* mlxconfig -d set EXP_ROM_PXE_ENABLE=1

* mlxconfig -d set EXP_ROM_UEFI_x86_ENABLE=1

* mlxconfig -d set EXP_ROM_UEFI_ARM_ENABLE=1

If after reviewing the documentations above and you still have the issue, please open a support case and we will provide further assistance. If you do not have a current support contract, please email the Nvidia team at to set up a valid support contract.

Thank you,

Nvidia Networking Support

Discovered I had a defective card. It shows flex boot during POST and show mac address. After swapping out card the machine pxe booted.