Is CentOS 7.7 supported?. None of the basic utilities are working anymore

Have a ConnectX5 card plugged into a CentOS7.7 system, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled mlnx_ofed_basic. getting the following responses,

ibv_devinfo -v

Failed to get IB devices list: Function not implemented

ibstat -v

ibpanic: [5344] main: stat of IB device ‘mthca0’ failed: No such file or directory

ibv_devinfo worked until recently.

I notice that the yum repo points to 7.6, there doesn’t seem to be a 7.7 yum repo.


You can install MLNX_OFED 4.7 from the following link:

Regarding the inbox driver, we didn’t release a version for RedHat 7.7

Only for 7.6 and 8.0



Is there a yum repo for CentOS 8?


CentOS 8.0 MLNX_OFED repo is →

You can find more repo’s at →

MLNX_EN for CentOS/RHEL 7.7 → mlnx-en-4.7-


~Mellanox Technical Support

If it uses the mlx5_core driver/module, it should work.

Try this:

yum -y groupinstall ’ Infiniband Support’

if you want to try using the “in box” driver from CentOS 7.7.

I think that I have ConnectX-4 cards, current running in CentOS 7.7 and my cluster is working just fine.

Please note that the "Infiniband Support’ package group does NOT, default, include OpenSM, so you’ll have to run that separately.

If you need more details/information, when I get home, I can copy-and-paste the commands that I used to get my ConnectX 4 cards up and running on my cluster at home.