Is Conti 10640 camera still supported on AGX?


I have flashed my AGX with the latest Drive v9 SDK, and it seems that I cannot create a valid sensor for conti 10640 (ov10640-bggr-ae-svc212/210, and this used to be c-ov10640-b on previous SDK’s on PX2).
The object detector and tracker sample’s default h264 video seems to be a conti10640 capture but I cannot create that sensor if I use the live camera.

sensor info does not list it either, but it also does not list it on the latest DrivePX2 SDK either but we can initialize that sensor in the multi GMSL camera sample!

nvMedia seems to have configuration files for this camera but I am running in to issues running image-cc sample, I think the documentation is not correct or updated.

Any help/hint will be greatly appreciate it!


Dear servanti,

OV10640 camera had been deprecated from DriveAGX(DriveWorks).
Could you please refer to Supported Sensors part in DriveWorks doc?
DriveWorks SDK Reference -> Development Guide -> Sensor Abstraction Layer -> Sensors -> Camera

Dear SteveNV

Thanks for the reply. Yes I did see the docs, however running the object detector and tracker sample, out-of-box, uses an h264 file the looks like a ov10640 . What camera was used to serialize that h264 for that sample? Also the lane detector sample specifically checks for that camera?
Why is ov10640 deprecated? This camera been supported since Drive PX? All our top-view systems uses this camera. What cameras do you use for top-view?


Dear SteveNV

One other note, I have followed this thread:

I checked all the links and the webinar, and as mentioned in that thread, there is no info on how to add a custom sensor (I suppose in this case and ov10640) and that is the last post in the thread. Is there anywhere else we can look to see how, if at all possible, to have this camera available through DriveWorks? All our cars use, and been using for the past three years, the ov10640 for the 360 topview.


Dear servanti,

Could you please refer to below Supported Hardware and Software Components?

DRIVE Core - Supported Hardware and Software Components
The supported camera sensors are for RCCB not RGBA.

You can record h264 format using AR0231 camera and run object detector and tracker samples with the recorded h264 format file.
DrivePX2 supports ov10640 camera for object detector and tracker samples in DriveWorks.
Please refer to NVIDIA DRIVE™ OS with NVIDIA DriveWorks SDK for NVIDIA DRIVE™ PX 2 in