Is CUDA good for games? CUDA question.

I know CUDA is good for GPGPU, but does CUDA prooves himself as the technoligy of tomorrow for games?
Maybe CUDA can improove the eye candy in games?
Maybe in CUDA you can do the same things with shaders pipeline, only faster?
Because I was told that CUDA deals with a larger set of problems then the set of problems that are relevant for games. And perhaps in the set of problems only relevant for games, CUDA does not contribute?

Thank you.

Well, CUDA is just exposing a direct interface to same the graphics hardware that the OpenGL and DirectX drivers use. DirectX/OpenGL will still be the best way to do game-style graphics.

One thing I’ve wondered about, but not yet seen much discussion of, is the use of CUDA for non-graphics parts of games, like the physics simulation. As Nvidia ramps up the number of multiprocessors per card, I wonder if we’ll see the ability to partition card resources between two or more tasks. Then perhaps you could assign 75% of the multiprocessors to 3D rendering while the other 25% of the multiprocessors did physics simulation for the game. (The other option would be to time share the card, which you can sort of do now.)

The problem with games is that you generally have the GPU fully saturated with rendering, while the CPU is doing mostly nothing. It’s used when loading textures, some simple 3d math, perhaps some physics/animation stuff, It might be better to optimize your game for dual/quad-core than use GPGPU.