Is CUDA MPS compatible with OpenCL?

Dear all,
I am new to OpenCL and I am trying to run either simultaneously 2 or more processes of openCL or simultaneously 2 or more openCL kernels from the same process.
In CUDA I can achieve the first (parallel CUDA processes) with the MPS server and the 2on with the usage of Streams.
Can I use cuda MPS in OpenCL processes? If not, can I find something similar to it?
Secondly, can I run kernels from the same process in parallel in OpenCL? (like CUDA streams)

Thank you in advance.

CUDA MPS provides no support for OpenCL. I’m not aware of anything similar to it provided by NVIDIA for OpenCL.

OpenCL kernels can be run concurrently if the implementation supports it by launching them into separate command queues (or into the same command queue if out-of-order execution is enabled for that queue). You can find more information about this with a simple google search:

Thank you!