Is CUDA possible in 9600M GT ?

Please let me know.

Is CUDA possible in 9600M GT of laptop?

Please le me know~~~~~~~~~~~~

long answer: look here

short answer: yes it is

I realize this article is fairly old, but I assume the CUDA information page is up to date?

This information doesn’t seem to jive with recent information from November of 2010, related to supported video cards, here:

Does this mean it’s different on the Mac and the PC?

It lists only the following cards:

GeForce 300M series:

GT 330M, GT 320M

GeForce 200 series:

GTX 285 for MAC

GeForce 100 series:

GT 120

GeForce 9M series:


GeForce 8 series:

8800 GT

GeForce 8M series:

8600M GS, 8800M GTS

Quadro series:


Quadro FX series:

FX 5600, FX 4800 for MAC