Is cutil32.lib still provide by CUDA9.0 in Windows?

Hi all,
I download a VS project and then build it with VS2015. The original project is too old, the automatically converted project doesn’t work. I create a new CUDA9.0 project and then build it, and then I got the error
message that “cannot open cutil32.lib”. I search the install folder of CUDA9.0, but I can’t find the file.
How do I solve the problem?

CUTIL was never a part of CUDA proper. It was a collection of helper functions created for tidying up the sample apps that ship with CUDA, in order to focus programmer’s attention on the important techniques demonstrated in these apps. NVIDIA warned repeatedly not to incorporate CUTIL into other projects, as this was unsupported code. CUTIL was last used in CUDA 4.x, and was replaced in CUDA 5 with a different set of helper functions.

You can find the header file cutil.h at various places on the internet, if you want a reference (Google will be your friend).