Is Cygwin included with 12.9 Installer?

A coworker of mine has 12.9. She says that when she installed 12.9, Cygwin was also installed on her computer. In her “Start->PGI Workstation->Command Shells 12.9” menu, she has options to start a 32 or 64 bit bash shells.
I also have PGI 12.9 installed but do not have Cygwin or the bash shells. I have the installer (pgiwsx64_129.exe) but when I run it I do not see an option to install Cygwin.
Did 12.9 come with a Cygwin installer? If so, how do I install it?


Here is some more information. If I run the installer on another machine, that does not have PGI installed, I see the option to install Cygwin. However, when I run the installer on my development machine, that already has PGI 12.9 installed, I only see the Modify, Repair, and Remove options. None of these contain any way to install Cygwin.
I suppose that I could uninstall PGI and then reinstall, but I am worried about getting the license stuff correct.
Any suggestions?


I decided to uninstall and reinstall PGI Workstation. It worked fine. The license stuff was easy and just worked. I did not have to do anything special.
I now have Cygwin and two PGI Bash shells.


There is Cygwin, and there is what we install.
We install a very old bash-like command window that was not
licensed as strong as Cygwin is.

If you are calling the old Cygwin window Cygwin, fine.
But gcc and all the Linux runtime stuff that Cygwin provides on
Windows, are not part of PGI’s installations.

It may have been 13.1 where we moved to all Microsoft tools to
assemble and link codes, and Cygwin had a much smaller role.