Is Deepstream compatible with Allied Vision Alvium 1800-040c?

Is Deepstream compatible with the Allied Vision Alvium 1800-040c? I already know that it is compatible with the Jetson Orin AGX. I need to know if Deepstream will support it. Thanks in advance!

Assume you are talking the compatibility on Orin, DeepStream can use the camera if it is supported on Orin.

  1. I have Allied Vision Alvium 1800-040c cameras.
  2. I am using Jetson Orin AGX development kits.
  3. I am running Deepstream on the Jetson Orin AGX development kits.

Will Deepstream interface to the Allied Vision cameras seamlessly or is work required to make Deepstream interface to the Allied Vision Alvium 1800-040c cameras?

P.S. Will Deepstream also interface to monochrome cameras? I saw on a different post that there may be issues if the camera does not use a Bayer filter. Is this true? And if true, why?

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The exact model should be “Alvium 1800 C-040c”, can you confirm? Its output has YUV format and can be consumed by V4L2 compatible applications, DeepStream can use this camera via V4L2 interface as other applications.

Alvium 1800 C-040c is an RGB camera, so are you refering to antoher differenet monochrome camera? If the output is raw data instead of YUV format, extra effort to fine-tune the camera is needed and this work is supposed to be done by camera vendors instead of end users.

For more specific camera questions you may query the camera vendor directly, thank you.

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