is deepstream4.0 with rtsp hardcode for H264?

Is rtsp with H264 encode hardcode?
And is the harcode by nvidia GPU or intel gpu.

Deepstream receive rtsp from PC A. And deepstream send rtsp to PC B.
The bitrate of rtsp send by PC A is 16000kbps.

Now the problem of DS4.0.1 is:
When the ratebits of sink2 is more than 8000kbps,sink0 can show the Smooth picture, but the video received by PC B by rtsp is picture carton.
It is also a problem of DS4.0.

Is the problem softcode by cpu?

Please check

There is NVENC engine in GTX1060.

We use GTX1060.
I find that GTX1060 has the NVENC engine.

The code of /deepstream_sdk_v4.0_x86_64/sources/apps/sample_apps/deepstream-app is:

bin->codecparse = gst_element_factory_make (“h264parse”, “h264-parser”);
bin->encoder = gst_element_factory_make (NVDS_ELEM_ENC_H264, encode_name);
bin->rtppay = gst_element_factory_make (“rtph264pay”, rtppay_name);

#define NVDS_ELEM_ENC_H264 “nvv4l2h264enc”

Does the plugin nvv4l2h264enc of deepstream use NVENC to encode H264 with GTX1060?
And how to test and verify?

thank you.

Yes, it uses NVENC. Please check