is Eglstream supported in L4T

is current V4L Camera Architecture Stack in below link supporting EGLstream ?

I am wondering if the ISP memory can be accessed by both CPU and GPU.


Is your camera source a Bayer sensor or YUV sensor connecting to CSI ports on Jetson Nano? Please share information about the camera.


We are currently using usb RGB camera plan to switch to csi YUV sensor or Bayer sensor

Could you please cover all 3 source?

We have tegra_multimedia_api amples. Please install it through sdkmanager and check it in /usr/src/
For Bayer sensors, you may refer to 10_camera_recording.
For YUV sensors, you may refer to 12_camera_v4l2_cuda.

RGB format may require format conversion and there is no existing sample. If you decide to use RGB camera, you can start with v4l2cuda.

Thanks ! few more questions

  1. is SDK manager only install sample code on target ? can sdkmanager install sample code on the host?
  2. if camera source is USB. is it still poissble to capture and share the image stream with cuda by using EGL stream ? is there a sample code ?
  3. is this the latest document for cross-compiling ? I am trying to check how to cross-compile wihtout installing samba and mount target rootfs to host.
    also in this document link it mentioned install ./ is this out-dated document? is it different from using sdkmanager to install ?

Download Jetpack from the following website:
Run the installation script from the host machine with the following commands:
chmod +x ./JetPack-L4T-<version> ./



It only stalls the samples on targer.

Please refer to 12_camera_v4l2_cuda

The guidance should be good to set up cross-compiling

The steps of executing Jetpack binary is eligible for r28(and older) releases. On r32, please use sdkmanager.

Hi Danel,

Thanks. which example should i look at if we need encode camera frame into h.264 with gstreamer ?

Please check gstreamer user guide.

Hi Danel,

Thanks. I saw this document. most of these example is using gst-launch-1.0 to launch . I have my camera app and audio capture app. does that mean i need use gst-launch-1.0 to start my own app ?