Is enqueueV2 thread safe?


The document clearly states that safe::IExecutionContext::enqueueV2 is NOT thread safe: link

But there is no description for the regular version of “enqueueV2”.

Currently, I’m using multithreading:
each thread creates its own nvinfer1::IExecutuionContext and cudaStream.
But I got wrong results with some random values.

If I make the calling of enqueueV2 sequentially, the result is OK:

   std::lock_guard<std::mutex> lk(io_mutex);
   ctx->enqueueV2(, stream, nullptr));


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The below links might be useful for you.

For multi-threading/streaming, will suggest you to use Deepstream or TRITON

For more details, we recommend you raise the query in Deepstream forum.


raise the query in Triton Inference Server Github instance issues section.


Based on the source code of trtexec, it looks like ExecutionContext::enqueueV2 IS thread safe because this is no mutex. Is that correct?