Is flashing the Jetson on the SSD have an inpact on performance or GPU usage?


I have a question, I am currently using a Forge Carrier Board for NVIDIA® Jetson AGX Orin and i need to reflash it. I wanted to know if we reflash the Jetson directly on the SSD, if that can have an impact on performance or GPU usage ? I was thinking maybe that some access can be slower if we are in the SSD and not directly in the board, something like that.

This kind of boot method has been running in couple series Jetson devices and didn’t see any issue there.
I don’t have answer as don’t know what kind of performance or GPU usage use case you want to perform.

Thanks for the answer.

We’re planning to use it with pytorch combined with CUDA, for the nvidia NKSR and some computer vision.
Moreover we’ll use OpenCL, and some methods provided by the PCL library (namespace pcl::gpu).

EMMC chips have a read speed of 100…200 MB/s. PCIe NVME Gen 4 SSDs have a read speed of 3000…7000 MB/s. Writes are slower. File access and data transfer will get faster, but not GPU or CPU computing speed or RAM access.

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So for GPU or CPU computing speed or RAM access it will remain unchanged right ?

yes, it will.

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