Is force shutdown bad for Jetson?

Hi, i am wondering the effect of forcing Jetson shutdown with cut the power source of device.
I am not using and data writing while Jetson run, but inference with cameras etc. , I know i can add buttons to close safely, however it is not stable at all, so if it is safe, i will plug off the device when i want to close it.

Generally speaking, it is safe.

Some extended thoughts on this…

Although cutting power is not a risk to hardware, if you cut the power such that power spikes show up, then a spike could be a risk. For example, pulling the connector out at the TX2 or using the buttons to force shutdown should not be a risk. However, if you were to pull the “wall wart”, then I could see some possibility of a spike. Not likely, but there might be a possibility since the transformer would be inductive. The barrel connector itself does not involve an inductive load.

You will almost always have some sort of recoverable filesystem error. Files being written at the moment of sudden power loss would end up missing when the ext4 journal replays. If enough is being written that it exceeds the journal capacity, then fsck would be required and even more would be lost. When fsck is forced it is possible to lose something more than what was actually being written.

Personally, if all else were failing, I would not worry too much about pulling the barrel connector.

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i realized that the power on button also works like power off button, when push it once it looks safely closes itself, then i can plug off the adapter safely,thanks for detailed reply, have good day