Is GTX 1070 CUDA enabled for Matlab ?


can you please tell me if GTX 1070 is “compatible with NVIDIA CUDA with calculation capacity corresponding to version 1.3 or later.” ?


The GTX 1070 has compute capability 6.1, which is obviously “1.3 or later”. Note that the GTX 1070 is an extremely new GPU that requires that you use the latest available drivers from NVIDIA.

On the application side, if the application vendor does not provide a GPU-accelerated version compiled with CUDA 8.0 (unlikely at this time, as it is still at the release candidate stage), and also has not taken care to embed PTX into the executable for forward compatibility via JIT compilation, the application will likely not be able to run on a device with compute capability 6.1, as the major GPU architectures are not binary compatible.

Furthermore, some applications check GPUs against a whitelist of known devices, in which case the application provider needs to update the list to include the GTX 1070. I don’t think that MATLAB falls into that category, but since I am not a user of MATLAB I cannot say so for certain.

If you are encountering issues with GPU-accelerated features of MATLAB when using the GTX 1070, you may also want to ask about them on a MATLAB user forum.

Thanks njuffa, very helpful.

The latest version of MATLAB (R2016a, currently) works with Pascal-based cards, however it will take a while on first run to JIT compile the PTX code for the Pascal device.

See for example: