Is H.264/AVC multiple reference mode (dwMaxNumRefFrames>1) supported in LOW_LATENCY_HQ?

Hi all

i have a problem in setting multiple :

  1. i apply NvEnc in low latency mode (no B frames) and set dwMaxNumRefFrames=2
  2. In generated h264 stream the sequence header contains max_num_ref_frames=2 and moreover max_dec_buffering=2 (as expected when dwMaxNumRefFrames=2).
  3. However, in PPS header num_ref_idx_l0_active set to 1 (instead of 2) and all inter slices are coded in the single reference mode.

Apparently, NvEnc disables activation of multiple reference mode. Maybe because the low latency?


This is an expected behavior as NVENC supports only one reference frame for P-frame up to pascal generation GPUs.

Ryan Park