Is HyperQ supported in GTX 750 TI?

Hi,I need to use the HyperQ feature in Maxwell,so I want to buy a Geforce GTX 750 Ti card ,but some people say that HyperQ is only supported in Tesla cards(such as Tesla K20).

I’m confused ,wikipedia says “Dynamic Parallelism and HyperQ, two features in GK110/GK208 GPUs, are also supported across the entire Maxwell product line.”

Which is right? Who can help me?

Hyper-Q is supported on cc 3.5 and greater GPUs. If you inspect the source code of the simpleHyperq cuda sample code, you will find the method that it uses to determine whether or not Hyper-Q is supported on a GPU.

I check the simpleHyperQ cu file and find the answer I want .Thanks a lot!