Is IBIS model available for Jetson Orin module?

I didn’t find it from download center, There are a few IBIS model files but they are for other modules, not for Orin module.
Can you help to make it available to download?

Can I have somebody’s urgent help on this? We will need the IBIS model of the Jetson AGX Orin module. Much appreciated!

To clarify my requests: I got Orin module’s high-speed IBIS model files from DA-11107-801_v1.0 attachment. I also need the regular interfaces like SPI/UART/GPIO/I2C/I2S IBIS models.

I’m checking with internal team to see if can have the updated files.
Once any conclusion, I will share with you. Thanks

Ok, Thanks. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Just saw it available in the download center today. Thanks for the drive. This request can be closed now.

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