Is Intel Realsense D455 supported?

May I know if the latest Isac supports Intel Realsense d455 in-depth camera, please?

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Support for the D455 did not make it into Isaac SDK 2021.1 unfortunately.

Hi, Is there any way to develop a codelet or module for the ISAAC SDK, which would be compatible with D455 Intel Realsense Depth Camera? Moreover how to incorporate the latest librealsense without the packaged realsense library version. Any pointers would be helpful.


Yes, you can absolutely develop your own codelets/modules on top of the Isaac SDK Engine to implement your own support for D455 (see here). Bazel downloads the realsense library and makes it available as a target to depend upon (@realsense). In order to update the external that @realsense refers, you could update the reference in sdk/third_party/packages.bzl to refer to a different file to pull down, perhaps as a tarball on disk rather than a cloud URL if necessary.