is it advisable to keep devPtr and pitch-values in constant memory?

Hello dear cuda-community,

I have a brief question. I using many buffers in my kernel (up to 10) in order to reduce register pressure I was thinking to store the devPtr to the memory and the pitch-values in constant memory.
Is this advisable?


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not even one comment? One short advice would be really helpful.

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This is a problem where we require more information (like a code snippet) to provide specific advice, and it’s easy enough for you to try if your intended change really does reduce register pressure.

Eg add --ptxas-options=-v to your nvcc command line
ps: the question of “constant memory” came up on this discussion list fairly recently

Thank you very much for the answers. especially the cuda-debug.pdf give some nice insights!

cheers greg

You are welcome:-)

Sorry that my reply was a bit terse. debug_cuda.pdf is included in topic